Damchoe Pem

Judiciary to emphasize on e-litigation after the two lockdowns

Royal Court of Justice has received 93 COVID-19 related cases so far. Priorities were given to domestic violence related cases and breach of COVID-19 protocol related cases once the courts resumed after the lockdown. Cases could not be registered or cases were kept pending in the courts as it remained …

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ACC back on the investigation beat after pandemic challenge

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) faced challenges in closing cases due to the pandemic in the country. They couldn’t call people for interrogation nor could they go to people for an interview since March 2020. Now that health protocols are in place, they will resume their investigation. ACC where also not …

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Judicial system and cases impacted by the pandemic

Like any other sector, the judicial system in the country is equally impacted by the pandemic. As the courts in the country could not function during lockdown, many people got stranded both in custody and outside custody. Moreover, adjudications were getting stopped and court hearing kept getting postponed as they …

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