Sonam Choki

Economy to grow by 9.8% in 11th plan

The rupee task force report has also plotted the macro-economic (national economy) outlook for the Bhutanese economy. The report claims that in the 11th five year plan (FYP) Bhutan will grow at an average of 9.8% and about 15% by the first year of the 12th plan in 2019-2020. The …

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Private money lenders make hay while the sun shines

In the backdrop of financial institutions freezing loans due to the rupee crunch, private money lending has become a thriving business in the country though the procedures are illegal. This business is also rampant mostly in gambling dens. There are money lenders thriving on the spending sprees of gamblers, said …

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Maintenance of irrigation channel half way through

An irrigation channel which was destroyed by a landslide last year in Nimshong chiwog under Gangzur gewog in Lhuentse  is  being renovated and is halfway through. According to Gup Karma Drukpa, the damage occurred after the completion of transplantation works last year but people were filled with fear that their …

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