Babesa’s manholes a source of agony for residents

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn a stretch of about 200 meters of road in Babesa, five to six manholes at regular intervals that are almost two-three ft deep and some which are more than eight ft deep and one meter wide have become a cause of huge convenience for people and vehicles alike.

Moreover, the manholes pose serious risks to unwary passersby who could sustain any level of injuries if they fall, trip or get stuck due to the holes. Even for the unfamiliar drivers or motorists, the manholes remain an unpleasant surprise in waiting.

Residents and people who move in and around on this stretch of road say that complaints have been made many a times to the city engineer but to no heed.

On confirmation with the Thimphu Thromde office, no complaints have ever been registered in connection to the road.

“The holes have been of great concern as there is every way animals and little children could get into it, and at night lack of vigilance would obviously make us fall in the pit,” Khandu, 49 a resident of Babesa said.

He said that one time a car got stuck in one of the holes and it punctured the vehicle’s tyre and dented the car.

A Thromde Thuemi (representative), Namgay Tshering, told The Bhutanese that he complained to both the city municipality office and  the construction company to which the City Corporation assigned the works.

He said the company had given temporary protections over the holes like placing woods, iron or some sheets but people had either stolen it or they were removed by big vehicles causing problems to small cars.

Residents on the other hand say they have not seen any temporary protection on the manholes which were constructed about six months back.

Thimphu Thromde office has the budget to carry out works on the road but the reason for delay is mainly due to ‘lack of human resources’ and ‘equipments’.

“TDM has been aware of the problems of manholes and we are working toward it,” said a  thromde engineer, Sangay Wangdi. “We have the budget but we don’t have human resource and the equipments. The renovation works have already been put in place,” said the city engineer.



Sangay Chenzom / Thimphu

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