Bad roads and improving businesses are key issues in Chukha

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) candidate, and Vice President Pema Tenzin, identified the terrible conditions of farm roads in several gewogs as the main issue in his constituency. He highlighted drinking water problems and the lack of support for agriculture-related services, emphasising the challenges faced by the youth who wish to venture into projects like dairy, poultry, and farming.

He urged voters to support him based on his extensive experience, having served on the National Council (NC) for five years.

“I have been to every nook and cranny of the constituency, understanding the issues faced by the youth and in agriculture. With my diverse background in the government, private sector, and international companies, I bring fresh ideas and can address issues from the grassroots to the national level,” he said.

He emphasized the need for change in Bongo Chapcha, urging voters to focus on individual candidates rather than party affiliations.

In the Bongo Chapcha constituency, PDP candidate, Pempa, shed light on connectivity challenges, including issues with roads, bridges, and telecommunication services. He stressed the need for proper infrastructure to connect villages and facilitate communication in the region.

“Our focus will be on addressing these connectivity issues and ensuring the provision of essential services,” he said.

He outlined plans to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and international grants to support various government sectors, particularly health and agriculture.

“Despite the country’s running deficit, we aim to bring in investments to uplift different sectors,” he added.

BTP candidate, for Phuentsholing constituency Maita Raj Rai, highlighted the issue of bad farms in the Phuentsholing constituency. He identified the five gewogs surrounding the Throm that require support, in terms of drinking water, farm water, livestock, and dairy assistance. He also emphasized the need for chain-link fencing in the area.

As he has been residing in the constituency, therefore, he appealed to voters to consider his close understanding of the people and their issues.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Rinzin Dorji, pinpointed the pressing issues in the Phuentsholing constituency, focusing on the state of the motorable roads and the struggling local businesses. He emphasized that, if elected, his primary focus would be on addressing these issues.

“Our commitment is to improve the bad motorable roads and bolster the local businesses for the overall development of the constituency,” he said.

He urged voters to consider the established track record of PDP, emphasising the party’s past governance performance.

“Small countries like us should prioritise candidates’ leadership qualities, and based on my service during my five-year tenure, I believe people will vote for me,” he said.

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