Bars see sharp decline during the vaccination campaign

Like any other businesses, bars are among the worst-hit amidst the pandemic. Bars in Thimphu saw a sharp decline in their business since the vaccination campaign.

 Tshering Wangmo a bar owner of Tashiyangtse Tshongkhang cum bar at Changiji said that number of alcohol consumers  has decreased compared to the normal days. For those who have been coming to drink, she said she asks the person if he or she has got the jab, if so, Tshering Wangmo said that she denies to sell alcohol if the person has been vaccinated close to the day.

 She mentioned that according to the rumors she heard that one is not to consume alcohol for certain days after receiving the vaccination, she is concerned about the people and said that some people are very irresponsible while health workers are breaking their back for the peoples wellbeing.

Whereas few customers drank tea and coffee saying they are patient enough to wait for at least few days for the vaccine to get settled in their body said Tshering Wangmo.

However, theses are just rumors and not based on fact and the MoH has said there is no such directives to stop drinking before or after getting the vaccine though those who come drunk to the vaccine centers will not be vaccinated.

 “The day vaccination campaign started the bar has been running downhill though the pandemic has already hampered their business” said the manager of The Grey Area (bar), Kinley Wangmo. She said that despite the bar being one of the most happening place in town, last few days, her staff and herself have been patiently waiting for the customers keeping the bar open till 9:00 PM.

The bar owners believe that the effect caused in their business during these few days has to do with the concern people have for  themselves regarding  how the alcohol may react to their body after getting vaccinated.

A habitual drinker Tenzin Norzang said he is planning to get vaccinated on the last day. He said his wife is mostly occupied in her work since she works in a hotel, “I fear I might experience severe side effects of vaccine since I am an habitual drinker and beside my wife I have no one “ said Tenzin.

As understood through the Prime Ministers (PM) answers to the frequently asked questions on the Prime Minister’s Office page, in one of the question by the people “Is it safe to drink alcohol close to the vaccination time” PM has answered that it is better to avoid, since alcohol is one substance that impacts our cognitive and immune functioning.

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