Basic development issues in Pemagatshel

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP)’s candidate, Yeshey Jamtsho, from Nanong Shumar constituency pledges to tackle water shortages, road issues, and healthcare concerns.

Yeshey Jamtsho underlines critical issues such as the shortage of doctors. He said the turnover of seven doctors in a year, and concerns for gypsum drivers highlight the need for comprehensive reforms. The candidate emphasizes the need for land reforms and advocates for addressing these issues.

“People should vote for me because of my past experience in service delivery, as the senior branch manager in BDBL in Pemagatshel for the past four years. I would say people will choose me for the past performance I delivered. We’re the humblest party, and do not try to encourage people by insulting one another. Our President’s down to earth nature has been a good influence for all other candidates in molding us as one. And we have the objectives and pledges which can be fulfilled, not just for the sake of showing,” he expressed.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Pema Wangchuk pledges to focus on compliance with Laws and election success

Pema Wangchuk shared that his constituency currently faces no major issues as such due to adherence to laws.

Pema Wangchuk suggests that people should vote for them based on their success in the Primary Election, where they won by a landslide. He stated that the victory is indicative of public support and intelligence, as winning in the Primary Round suggests that voters are wise enough to back a ruling party rather than opting for the Opposition. This reasoning implies that the candidate’s success in the Primary Election is a strong indicator of potential success in the upcoming General Election.

BTP candidate Sangay Thinley from Khar Yurung wants to address the issue of lack of farm roads, and promoting economic opportunities

He said farm roads are crucial to improve business opportunities. He proposed to connect Chimong gewog and Kulagongri highway to Nganglam and Mongar shortening the distance by 10 km. He advocates for votes based on the party’s humble president with qualifications in economics, which can be a plus point during economic crisis.

The candidate said “I joined the party mainly because of him. I come from a humble background and know the difficulties of people. I served for almost 33 years in civil service, and have created a good network with people and have good record.”

PDP candidate Rinchen Khandu from Nganglam pledges to focus on building infrastructure and trusted leadership

Rinchen Khandu highlighted infrastructure issues, particularly the need to improve road conditions from Nganglam to Dewathang. Water scarcity in schools and dratshangs, along with concerns for poor people lacking proper accommodation, are also to be addressed.

“PDP, being the oldest party, with seasoned candidates under effective leadership is one major point. We can assure our party’s trustworthiness, having fulfilled promises during our previous tenure, and having experience serving both as a ruling and Opposition Party, which has helped build a strong rapport with the people. We pledge more than a mere promise, vowing to create Nganglam as an economic hub and introduce medical advancements that would not only benefit the people of Pemagatshel, but also those in Samdrup Jongkhar and Mongar.”

The newspaper attempted to contact candidates from Nanong-Shumar but unfortunately did not receive a response from them.

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