Bed ridden woman now unable to take care of children or earn from weaving: Wamrong Case

With the pain only getting worse the woman requested for the case to be transferred to Thimphu so that she can seek advanced treatment

The 38-year-old woman from Lumang, Trashigang, an alleged victim in a battery case involving a wife of Drangpon, is looking for justice. The incident has left her injured and bed ridden most of the time. She has requested to forward the case to Thimphu court for health reasons, however, she is yet to get a response.

She has four children. The eldest daughter is a 2nd year student in Taktse College. A son is studying in class XII, a daughter is a class XI student and a 14-year-old son is studying in class VIII. Her husband is a sweeper working under the Wamrong court for 13 years now. She is a housewife.

She said that her health status is still not good, and that she was unable to go to the hospital for her daily physiotherapy session on Thursday due to the intense pain. If it remains the same, then she is planning to go to the Mongar hospital for further treatment for now.

“I want to go to Thimphu for further treatment, but I have to stay back as we are not sure of when we will be called by the court. Though we have requested the court to forward our case to Thimphu for prosecution, we did not get any response for now. We would be glad if they can do this so that I can get better treatment without having to travel on a frequent basis, and so that we can be in constant touch with our lawyer,” she said.

She said that she received a call earlier this week from a woman who claimed to be a volunteer from RENEW. “She has asked me a few personal questions and I provided all my information, as asked. However, later I was told that no one from RENEW called me. Again later this week, I again got a call from the same number and it was a man this time,” she said.

The man told her that the woman who had called her earlier was a RENEW volunteer, and he had asked her to call on his behalf as he was engaged with some work.

“They did not ask me to withdraw the case but they asked if I am thinking of compromising. In response, I said I will want to continue with the case as it caused me damages in many ways,” she said.

The man claimed that they called her from Trashigang Middle Secondary School’s number as their office was still under construction.

Meanwhile, her 45-year-old husband from Lumang, Trashigang said that he has become handicapped for now as his wife is bedridden most of the time after the incident.

“My wife has been taking care of me and our four kids without any complaints. Since my salary was not sufficient to run our family, she used to weave and sell. She did all the household chores. Now that she is in such a state, we are disheartened. I wonder if she can get back to normal. Otherwise, it would be hard on my family as my salary won’t be enough to look after my family,” he said.

He said that though he wants to take her to Thimphu for further treatment before it is too late, but they are stuck with the court case. They cannot travel as they waiting for the court decision on the case transfer.

Travelling would be hard for his wife, he said, adding that the expenses would be too much on them if they have to keep travelling back and forth.

Therefore, once they get a confirmation from court, he will bring her to Thimphu. For now, they are in dilemma and are worried about her worsening health condition.

He said, “I would be happy if I can treat my wife in Thimphu hospital. I worry if something really serious happens to her due to late treatment.” His wife is under medication for now.

He said they have not received any consolation call from the wife of the Drangpon as of now. However, he said that he is very thankful to all the people who are supporting them and who are contributing for his family in such a difficult time.

“Had it not been for such a generous support from the people, we would have been having a difficult time in tackling with all sorts of challenges. I am illiterate, so I conveyed my thank you message through my daughter,” he said.

He said that no matter what it takes, they aim to seek justice.

The initial incident took place on 26 April whereby the case was charge-sheeted to court on 21 May 2020.

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