Beskop Tshechu, an alternative platform for filmmakers

Beskop Tshechu arose out of a need for an alternative platform, for filmmakers and audience alike, to make films a memorable affair.

The founder of Beskop Tshechu, Dechen Roder, said as in the past, films were only shown in theaters and on TV, there were some filmmakers were trying to make other films that did not fit on either platforms, and they always emphasized the big open-air screenings in public spaces.

Beskop Tshechu will be opened this year to smaller crowds at popular locations, like the Thimphu Clock Tower and the Thai Pavilion Park, and if not, it will be held virtually, depending on the decision taken by the COVID-19 Taskforce.

There are still some master classes or workshops and small events being held to promote the participation of filmmakers, and an international jury panel.

The previous Beskop Tshechu events had international professionals who would serve as jury members, and conduct workshop classes to aspiring filmmakers.

Master classes are expected to be taken virtually involving international professionals due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think although this festival will be on a much smaller scale than the others ones in the past, it is really important because COVID-19 has shown us how everything can change overnight. Jobs can be lost, situations can be tough, but nothing can destroy our stories and art. COVID-19 has forced the world to start looking inward more (in both an economic sense, but also a very reflective, personal sense), so this is where art and films become so important again, so that is why this year, we made the theme, “Films Homemade” to encourage Bhutanese to continue to look inward and make films from scratch. We don’t need fancy equipment and big crews, we just need a good vision and dedication to that vision,” said Dechen Roder.

The festival is said to be held in October and is being sponsored by the National Film Commission.

Since Beskop Tshechu is more of a festival than an award ceremony, therefore, it is looking for more budget to fund its activities, like screening, master classes, workshops and networking, and more.

Beskop Tshechu committee is a group of voluntary filmmakers and artists who are dedicated to promoting creative filmmaking in Bhutan.

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