Better efficiency in Dairy and meat product supply to Thimphu

6,665 kg of butter, 103,727 cheese balls, 6,254 cartoons of eggs and 23,080 kg meat was sourced to Thimphu from different dzongkhags as of January 7

During the first lockdown there was a high demand for dairy products in the capital, and to keep the supply chain uninterrupted, the Department of Livestock stepped in by buying all the surplus products from other dzongkhags.

However, the supply far exceeded the demand and they struggled to sell the dairy products.

Now in the second lockdown BLDC saw better efficiency in supplying since it was coming from few dzongkhags and storage in winter was easier as the products don’t spoil easily.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of BLDC Jigme Wangchuk, BLDC struggled to sell dairy products in the first lockdown because of the quantity that came to Thimphu.

The products came from 17 Dzongkhags whereas products generally come from 9 dzongkhags now.

He said that the dairy products that come now are able to meet the requirements of the public of Thimphu Thromde in lockdown 2.0.

“During the first lockdown it was summer and in summers, milk production is usually higher than in winter,” he said.

Till 6th January, BLDCL alone has aggregated and supplied 7,201 kilos of cheese, 3,286 kg of butter, 5,283 cartons of eggs, 7,906 kg of chicken and 1,858 kg of rainbow trout.

These products are all domestically produced.

The dzongkhags that supply products to Thimphu are Bumthang, Chukha, Haa, Paro, Dagana, Samtse, Sarpang, Tsirang and Wangduephodrang.

He said that there is no major challenges as of now in distributing and supplying livestock products except that the risk of being infected with COVID-19 is high even if the protocol is followed because of the nature of work of having to distribute and supply products to the identified shops and deal with  customers every day.

Owing to the risk of community transmission of COVID-19, BLDC is not delivering products to individual households but BLDC is replenishing the stocks to the retail shops.

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