Bhutan Badminton Federation level-1 coaches’ course in Thimphu.

Bhutan Olympic Commission (BOC) is conducting the Olympic Solidarity Course for Bhutan Badminton Federation level-1 coaches’ course in Thimphu from January 25 to February 8.

The course is funded by the International Olympic Committee. School sports instructors and members of dzongkhag sports association from the 20 dzongkhags are being trained. The 25 members; 22 males and 3 females, are being trained by two coaches from Malaysia and a Bhutanese national coach.

“The main aim and objectives of conducting such a coaching is to mainly promote, upgrade and boost the sports level in a country where in future we can be competent enough to compete at the international level,” said Dorji, the national badminton assistant coach.

Upon completion of the course, the trained members will take the training to their respective dzongkhags. The coaching includes both theory and practical training.

The Badminton Asia Development Officer Sambenthan Sivaperumal, who is also training the coaches said, “In most of the countries, specific sports person or coaches are trained, but here since there is no specific organization or club for various games, the representative teachers are trained.”

A teacher coach of Bajothang Higher Secondary School, Thukten, said badminton can be taken up as a career choice in the future.

“We had enough of learning both theory and practical. We will further disseminate the skills to our students which will help a lot in being more competent,” he said

The level-2 coaches’ course will be further conducted during same time in January next year.

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