Bhutan Embassy rescues 4 remaining girls from UAE and Oman

The Bhutanese Embassy and the Ambassador in Kuwait rescued the four remaining girls from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman from their jobs as housemaids.

These Bhutanese girls were sent by Drupthub Education Consultancy as housemaids to UAE and Oman. The Labour Ministry in Thimphu had alerted the embassy.

Of the four girls three have decided to continue working there after getting new jobs as cashiers.

“We have decided that we will stay back as we got the position of cashiers in Dubai and we want to fulfill our dreams of earning money and helping our families,” wrote one of the girls in an email interview.

One of the girls is set to return after all the necessary negotiations with the authorities of the respective countries are fulfilled by the Bhutan Embassy and after clearing immigration formalities.

Labour ministry’s program officer for Overseas employment, Ugyen Tashi, said “Although we have asked Drupthub Consultancy to bring the girls back we have been informed that three girls wanted to stay and work there in Dubai. For that we have asked for the acceptance letter from the girls’ side along with relevant details.”

Ugyen Tashi added that the other girls recently rescued from the Middle East are being reintegrated into different programs where some have also applied for overseas employment through the Labour Ministry.

In a similar case, it was recently reported that Chimi Rinzin of Drupthub Education Consultancy has also deceived 23 students to study in Malaysia after taking money from them. Chimi Rinzin is supposedly on the run.

One of the girls in Dubai also mentioned that Chimi Rinzin’s husband reprimanded them for informing the Embassy and the Labour Ministry about such issues and said that there is every chance that his wife, Chimi Rinzin, might ‘commit suicide’ due to the pressure.

Samten Dendup of Sergyel Visa Outsourcing agent was also involved in illegally sending 10 girls to the Middle East as housemaids.

The Embassy had recently rescued 10 girls from Kuwait who were also sent as maids by Sergyel.

“Although we have asked proprietors of the agent to report to the ministry, both of them did not show up.

We are still searching for Chimi Rinzin as we can only take legal charges against her since the license is registered under her name,” said an official from the Education Ministry.

The labour minister Lyonpo Ngeema Sangay Tshempo said that legal action would be taken against the offending parties.

The Education Minister Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk commenting on Education Consultancies cheating students said that the government would have to review the mechanism to see how deeply the government can come in between the consultancies and students. He also said any illegal acts would be charged to the courts.

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