Bhutan NDI App Launched

In a historic move towards enhancing digital services and ensuring inclusivity, Bhutan NDI (National Digital Identity) launched its highly anticipated app today. The grand event was graced by Lyonchhen Dr Lotay Tshering, Bhutan’s Prime Minister, and attended by esteemed members of parliament.

 Lyonchhen expressed his excitement for the launch and highlighted three key points, emphasizing the roles and responsibilities of the NDI team, user-friendly design, and the public’s responsibility to understand and utilize the app effectively.

The Phase 1 launch of the Bhutan NDI app allows citizens to register and obtain their foundational ID, enabling access to a range of services from esteemed partners like Tashi Cell, Bank of Bhutan, Royal University of Bhutan, and Druk Holding Investment. Notably, users can benefit from password-less logins to various portals and applications, with verified academic credentials available for RUB graduates since 2019.

Pallavi Sharma, the marketing and communications representative at Bhutan NDI, explained the process for accessing organizations using the NDI wallet or app. After obtaining their foundational ID, individuals can visit the respective organization’s website or portal, share their foundational ID for verification, and generate a QR code from the organization. Verified credentials are then stored in the user’s NDI wallet, providing seamless access to services.

The NDI wallet ensures privacy and security, with user data stored in different secure data centers. Individuals can back up their verified credentials and disable their accounts by calling the toll-free number 1199 in case of loss or theft.

Pallavi Sharma revealed the roadmap for NDI’s future, including plans for multilingual support and voice guidance for non-English speakers, as well as accessibility options for individuals without smartphones, through QR codes.

Lyonchhen reiterated the government’s commitment to digital inclusion, emphasizing NDI’s role in fostering trusted digital interactions, enhancing data security, reducing fraud, and saving time and energy for citizens. The Bhutan NDI system sets international standards for biometric authentication, ensuring interoperability with digital wallets from other countries.

In the ongoing Phase 2, Bhutan NDI is collaborating with Bhutan Telecom, Bank of Bhutan, BCDA, National Land Commission Bhutan, and other partners to expand its services further.

Bhutan’s NDI emphasizes digital inclusion, security, privacy, and consent as essential elements of the Bhutan NDI digital wallet in order to enhance digital services.

The Bhutan NDI system promotes secure online communication between users and service providers, fostering confidence throughout the online ecosystem.

This method lowers fraud, improves data security, and allows for transactions without the need for people to physically visit service provider offices, saving them time and energy.

People who cannot read or write English will have other language options available in the final stages of the Bhutan NDI wallet, followed by voiceover instructions. People who don’t have smartphones can still use Chip’s QR codes to access their NDI wallet.

The launch of Bhutan NDI marks a significant step towards a digitally empowered Bhutan, where citizens can seamlessly access services while prioritizing privacy and security.

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