Bhutan taking part in UN Peacekeeping Operations

Dear Sir,

My chest swelled with pride to learn that Bhutan will be sending three senior officers as part of a UN peacekeeping mission. I felt that a country that has been so dependent on the international community and so vulnerable is coming into its own. It was also a moment of foreign policy pride for Bhutan as moves like this will strengthen Bhutan’s sovereignty. This move I feel send’s out the message that Bhutan is also ready to help the world. At the moment the numbers are not as important as for the fact that this is happening for the first time. I think that credit must go to His Majesty the King as the head of the Armed forces for quietly but firmly strengthening Bhutan’s UN role and profile. I would like wish the three officers all the best and Pelden Drukpa Lha Gyalo.

Tashi Wangdi

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