Bhutan Telecom expands 3G network but users complain of poor connectivity in Thimphu

It has been almost four months since Bhutan Telecom (BT) expanded its 3G (third generation) network across the country. But 3G network users in Thimphu say the connectivity that includes the internet connection is poor.

The Marketing Manager, Bhutan Telecom, Kinga Choden, said that although expansion work was completed very recently, still after the expansion work, users of 3G services said that there are improvement in the service, but for users of DrukNet internet services in the western region, such as Thimphu, Paro, Wangdue, and B-Mobile data users still face slow connectivity due to Thimphu-Gelephu link flapping, and all traffic being routed through Thimphu-Phuntsholing 10GbE link.

“We regret the inconvenience this may have caused, and we assure our customers that our technical team is working very hard to bring it up at the earliest possible,” Kinga Choden said.

She said Bhutan Telecom is working on network optimization and other upgradation works to improve the network quality. BT is conducting a survey on Facebook on its 3G service. The feedbacks from customers will be used to improve the services. BT also has plans of 3G expansion works in the coming year.

Yeshey Palden, a 3G user, said that 3G network keeps on fluctuating, one moment it is working and the next, it does not work. “It is really frustrating, especially when we have an important work,” she added.

Another user, Namgay, said that the 3G service in Thimphu is very poor. He said whether the network is expanded or not, it is as same as before. “Why does BT have to launch 4G? Because 3G is not working well, first there should have improvement in 3G,”Namgay said.

An active 3G user, Sonam Dhendup, said there has been no improvement in the 3G service in Thimphu. He said his frustration increases when his 3G fails to work during times he needs the connection the most.  “I cannot do the work, so BT has to do some more exercise on 3G service in the country,” he said.

As of now, Bhutan Telecom has 170,000 people using the 3G network and 400 people have signed up with the 4G network across the country.

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