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Bhutan Tendrel Party’s 47 rich in former MPs, senior bureaucrats, business people and teachers

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) has introduced an impressive lineup of 47 candidates, each contributing a unique blend of skills and experiences to the political stage.

This diverse group comprises individuals with a rich array of skills and experiences, including former Members of Parliament, secretaries, CEOs, Dzongrabs/directors, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

Heading the new party is Pema Chewang, a seasoned public servant with 32 years of experience and  impressive track record of achievements. Prior to his entry into politics, he served as the Secretary of the National Land Commission.

Pema Tenzin, the Vice President, brings both political and business acumen to the table, having been a former National Councilor and a business strategist. During his tenure in the National Council, he chaired the Economic Affairs Committee and was a member of the Environment Committee.

The party boasts four former secretaries, including  Pema Chewang, Tshering Dorji, Tandin Tshering, and Rinchen Wangdi.

Tshering Dorji is the former foreign secretary, Tandin Tshering the former secretary general of National Assembly and Rinchen Wangdi the former secretary of Gross National Happiness.

Additionally, six former Members of Parliament, namely Jigme Wangchuk, Pema Dakpa, Pema Tenzin, Ritu Raj Chhetri, Tempa Dorji, and Tshering Dorji, are part of the lineup.

Jigme Wangchuk was a Member of Parliament for three consecutive terms, Tempa Dorji, Pema Dakpa and Tshering Dorji for ten years.

The roster also includes seven former Dzongrabs/CEOs: Karma Rinchen, Lam Dorji, Lamdra Wangdi, Namgay Dorji, Passang Dorji, Naiten Wangchuk and Pushpa Raj Humagai.

The party is also diverse in terms of professional backgrounds, with six former teachers, nine from the private sector, eight civil servants, and three from financial institutions among its ranks.

There are experienced teachers like Gopal Thapa with 32 years of experience as teacher and Dorji with 17 years in teaching.

Dr Gyambo Sithey author of the most cited book on Bhutan’s politics, ‘Drukyul Decides’ is also part of the team. There’s also Karma Dorji a veteran television personality.

Educationally, the candidates are well-qualified, with twelve holding Bachelor’s degrees, thirty-one possessing Master’s degrees, and four holding PhDs.

The Bhutan Tendrel Party aims to present a comprehensive and skilled team to the electorate in the upcoming elections.

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