Bhutan to observe World Rangers Day

A total of 7 Rangers lost their lives in the line of duty in the past two years

Bhutan celebrated World Rangers Day for the first time this year, an event that highlights the devotion and sacrifice of rangers who put their lives at risk everyday to protect the world’s natural resources and wildlife.

The World Rangers Day is observed around the globe every year on 31 July.

In Bhutan, in the past two years more than seven rangers have lost their lives in the line of duty while several others have been injured.

The agriculture and forest minister, Yeshey Dorji, said the day is dedicated to pay tribute to those rangers who passed away in the line of duty and also to recognize those who are serving tirelessly to protect the rich natural heritage.

He said rangers are the vanguard conservationists and the key personnel who have built up the country’s rapport of Bhutan as a secure nation to diverse floral and faunal species.

Conservationists and foresters come together on this day to remember and pay respect and tribute to the fallen heroes, who lost their lives in the course of performing their duties. “On this World Ranger Day, we would like to remember our Bhutanese Rangers who lost their lives in the line of the duty,” said officials of the Forest Resources management Division (FRMD).

During the three day long program foresters, retired foresters, foresters working in other agencies, Rangers Federation of Asia will participate in commemorating the day and honorary awards will be given to rangers who succumbed or sustained injury in the line of duty and other retired foresters and those foresters serving more than 30 years in service.

The ministry will also provide human wildlife conflict compensation to few affected households during the day.

Bhutan’s membership to international Ranger’s Federation through Asia Rangers Federation and Society of Bhutanese Foresters (SBF) will also be launched.

There will be exhibitions on national parks, endangered wildlife and plants, poaching and illegal logging practices and forestry theme songs will be performed.

On the second day various speakers from relevant agencies will talk on topics such as threatened birds and conservation significance.

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