Bhutan to ratify UN Convention on Disabilities

A High Level Inter Agency Task Force under Chairmanship of the Foreign Minister has been established to study and undertake preparations for ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The High Level Task Force conducted its first meeting on 13th July 2016. The objective will be to initiate consideration of the state of national preparedness to move towards ratification of the Convention.

The High Level Task Force comprises members from eighteen national stakeholder agencies including civil society.

The High Level Task Force will be guided by the Rules of Procedure for Treaty Making 2016 applicable to all treaty action by the RGoB. Bhutan signed the Convention on 21 September 2010.

GNH is enshrined in Bhutan’s Constitution, Article 9[2) as one of the Principles of State Policy. Promoting the conditions that enables the pursuit of GNH by all citizens, so that they, regardless of race, sex, language, religion, politics, or other status, may enjoy a good quality of life in a progressive and prosperous country is not only one of the objectives of government, but a moral obligation.

Article 7 further reaffirms Bhutan’s commitment to build an inclusive society, one that enables all Bhutanese, including those with disabilities, to lead fulfilling lives, to contribute, and to participate as full members of



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