Bhutanese abroad excited about Gelephu Mindfulness City

His Majesty’s 116th National Day Royal Address touched upon the fact that the Gelephu project was also conceived with keeping the Bhutanese living abroad in mind, as they are in His Majesty’s thoughts. The Gelephu project is being set up so Bhutanese abroad can return home where many opportunities await them, as the skills, knowledge and exposures overseas will be invaluable to build a future together.

Kelden Zangmo, who is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communication at Murdoch University, Australia, said, “I’m thrilled and very excited about the upcoming project, which will benefit lots of people back in our country. I hope I’ll be able to contribute based on what I study here and the experiences I gain from Australia.”

Sonam Jamtsho, currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Criminology in Perth, Australia, shared, “It is a positive step and initiative by the King to create opportunities and attract Bhutanese living abroad back to the country. The development of Gelephu into a vibrant economic hub will provide infrastructure, job opportunities, and an enhanced quality of life.”

Furthermore, Sonam emphasized that the project offers people opportunities for financial investments within the country. He noted that the encouragement for Bhutanese abroad to focus on acquiring knowledge and skills aligns with the country’s long-term development goals.

Sonam believes that this approach has the potential to benefit both individuals and the nation as a whole, envisioning that returning with valuable expertise can drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and overall economic growth.

Karma Sherab is currently studying for a Masters in Songwriting and Production in the United Kingdom, and he expressed, “This is a chance for us to work even harder and get better at what we do. We’re giving our best and focusing on improving our knowledge and skills. This will prepare us to be an important part of things when we return to Bhutan. By having the right experience and understanding of how modern society works, we won’t feel unsure when we get back home. Instead, the time and effort we put in will be helpful for the project we believe in.”

Tandin Wangmo is currently working in the United Kingdom shared, “My personal thought about His Majesty’s speech on the project has left me in awe. How blessed we are to be born in Bhutan with such far sighted, thoughtful, loving and caring leader.”

She further said, “ His Majesty’s words were crystal clear, especially about how every Bhutanese living abroad wishes to return home, and that’s undeniable. I, wholeheartedly, believe in what His Majesty said. Being here, we can learn a lot and bring valuable knowledge back home, if the project succeeds, I’m confident that our country will be in a much better state.”

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