Tashi Dendup

Bhutanese student honoured in Thailand

Tashi Dendup, a 28-year-old student, currently undergoing his Bachelors in Bio-Science at the Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand was listed as one of the highest academic achievers in the university’s President’s List for honors students.

One must score a minimum of 12 credits and GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.75-4.00 to be enlisted in the President’s List. Tashi Dendup secured a GPA of 3.82 in the academic year 2013-2014.

“I am extremely happy to have been bestowed with this honor,” said Tashi in an email interview. Getting my name on the President’s List is a great honor and a privilege for me, and I am happy my hard work has paid off.”

Asia-Pacific International University offers multiple courses and Bio-Science is one of the toughest courses offered by the university.

The lone Bhutanese studying at the Asia-Pacific International University, Tashi said, “It was challenging to achieve this. I got homesick and faced many problems, but my wife supported me, that was my greatest strength. I would like to thank her for this, and for looking after our daughter in my absence.”

Prior to this program, Tashi graduated from the College of Natural Resources with Diploma of Forestry in 2004 and worked for Department of Forest and Park Services under Ministry of Agriculture until late 2010.

Tashi Dendup is currently in his final year and will graduate in March 2014.

The Asia-Pacific International University has more than 1, 200 students enrolled in its international programs.

The university represents a union of three institutions; Southeast Asia Union College, Singapore, Bangkok Sanitarium and Hospital School Nursing and Mission College, Muak Lek Campus.

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