Bhutanese students see a future in Gelephu Mindfulness City

His Majesty while talking about the Gelephu Mindfulness City shared his lingering regret regarding the inability to assure the youth of a secure future within the country and aims to rectify this situation, conveying the message that the youth should anticipate their future in Bhutan with excitement and confidence.

Sonam Choki, a senior student at Gyalposhing College of Information and Technology (GCIT), expressed, “The plans for the new economic center present a great opportunity for young people to contribute to the country’s progress. It’s a fantastic chance for us to actively participate. As this initiative starts, graduates may find more job opportunities instead of struggling to find employment. Even if it seems uncertain initially, as long as they gain experience, it could be beneficial for everyone. It could turn out to be a situation where everyone benefits.”

Tashi Kelzang Phuntsho, another student from GCIT, said, “The upcoming big project in Gelephu is going to be a crucial gateway for GCIT, introducing advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. This transformative project puts GCIT students at the forefront of innovation, giving them chances to explore intelligent applications within the Blockchain system.”

He said Students will work on AI-based solutions, using machine learning for efficient transactions, automated decision-making, and data analysis. By combining AI and Blockchain strengths, this project not only provides practical skills to students but also positions GCIT as a hub for tech-savvy professionals. It encourages collaboration between smaller and larger economic entities, creating more job opportunities at the exciting intersection of these powerful technologies.

Chhimi Lhendup, a student at Yangchenphu Higher Secondary School, shared, “I’m really looking forward to the upcoming city because it brings a lot of chances to enhance our living standards. As a student, I’m especially excited about the promised high-quality education. The fact that international people will be coming here makes me eager to see the positive impact on education and the opportunities it brings to us.”

Tandin Wangchuk, a student from Damphu Higher Secondary School in Tsirang, expressed, “The upcoming project is great for us young people because we won’t have to go abroad for work; we can work right here in our own country. This is a crucial time for me as I recently took my twelfth board examination. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to study business, so I can potentially start something that benefits both me and the country.”

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