Bhutanese workers slowly getting jobs and training abroad

The overseas employment program is one of the strategies adopted by the government to ease the unemployment problem in the country. The Ministy of Labour and Human Resources plans on sending some 30,000 Bhutanese to work abroad over the next five years.

According to a labour official, under RGoB initiative, about 200 Bhutanese workers have been sent for beauty, hair and spa training in India as part of the overseas employment program.

The labour official said there are four Bhutanese overseas employment agents (BOEAs) and they are only in the process of networking with their designated agents abroad. Nonetheless, the ministry is directly exploring for employment opportunities

abroad for Bhutanese workers.

The official said just nine candidates (six men and three women) have found jobs through one of the BOEAs, and are working in Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel, Qatar. The RGoB has been able to send nine candidates to work in Qatar for overseas employment in Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel as room attendants under housekeeping.

The labour official said a total of 66 Bhutanese are working as English teacher in various vocational colleges in Thailand. The offers for such teaching jobs depend entirely on government of Thailand.

As a pledged by the government, overseas employment is an initiative and a strategy to achieve full employment in the country.

Overseas employment opportunities are being looked at in countries like, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, and India. The proposed areas for employment are tourism and hospitality, accounting and finance, non-nursing health professionals, teaching, information technology professionals, technicians, sales, representatives and care givers.

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