BICMA to support internship programs for media houses

The Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority (BICMA) will support a paid internship program with any of the media houses that fulfills its terms.

The plan was approved during their 24th meeting where it was decided that a sum of Nu 0.08 million from the Media Development Fund will be used for funding internship programs during the Financial Year 2017-2018.

“The main objective is to provide the interns with practical experience in developing their skills on reporting, writing, designing, and scripting. Such internships will assist them in testing their academic knowledge in the work environment,” states a press release from the authority.

The authority will support the internship program for a maximum period of three months where a monthly stipend of Nu 3,750 will be paid for an intern. “We will approve the proposals from the media house after evaluations and provide support according to their requirements. The actual number of interns for a media house has not been decided as such, we will take their proposals into account and act accordingly,” said BICMA’s Chief Content Management Division, Lakshuman Chhetri.

To avail the program media houses have to summit a detailed reasoning on the need for an intern in their organization and the expected outcome from such programs along with the Curriculum Vitae with attested documents to authenticate their educational status.

The media houses also have to submit a mid-term report and completion report to the authority. the former will determine the release of the stipend and the latter will evaluate the effectiveness and outcome of such program.

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