Big responsibilities on MoIC with APA

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MOIC) signed its Annual Performance Agreement (APA) with the Prime Minister (PM) today. The ministry received assurance of full support to ensure successful implementation of the programs from the PM.

In the agreement, 20 success indicators has been identified from various departments of the ministry but MoIC Minister, Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi, said that the ministry has five major indicators, such as construction of a film studio and cinema hall, operation and maintenance of Druk Research and Education Network (DrukRen), Paro International Airport Runway re-servicing, Digital Drukyul flagship program and the Space and Satellite Initiative.

The ministry will manage and provide air navigation services in conformity with national regulations and standards, expand Bumthang Domestic Airport and construct additional emergency landing pads.

For digital transformation and innovation in the use of ICT and Media, the ministry will develop proposal on sustainable media and submit it to the Cabinet, create jobs in IT and ITES sectors, construct satellite control center, and frame policy development for satellite and space policy and strategies.

To ensure safe, reliable, eco-friendly and sustainable surface transport system, the ministry will replace 3 percent of government pool vehicles with electric vehicles by installing 15 charging stations and replace 80 taxis with electric vehicles during the current fiscal year. The ministry will also ensure that all the dzongkhags are connected with public transport services.

Lyonchhen (Dr) Lotay Tshering during the signing emphasized on Digital Drukyul flagship program as one of the critical components for digitizing Bhutan.

ICT flagship program Digital Drukyul is targeted to transform public service delivery and empower citizens digitally. The flagship program is in line with His Majesty’s vision to use technology in addressing issues, like health and education, among others.

It can also help in creating jobs, improving ease of doing business, delivering public services and improving access and quality of teaching and learning.

Lyonchhen said, “MoIC is small, yet a very powerful ministry, as the ministry can actually control the software of the whole country. His Majesty has also emphasized on the use of technology, and I feel that His Majesty has placed huge responsibility on MoIC and particularly DITT.”

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