Bills payable from the doorstep for Thimphu residents

For the residents in Thimphu who are busy and cannot make it in time to pay their bills, there is some help on the way. A group of young college graduates have initiated a business service called ‘Ezzee Billers’ – to ease bill payments from the comfort of home.

The founder and chief executive officer of Ezee Billers, Karma Chophel, 25, was inspired to come up with the business idea after seeing the example of Shoe Vival business during the National Graduate Orientation Programme (NGOP) last year.

The business idea became more viable after completing the Comprehensive Entrepreneur Course (CEC) provided by Ministry of Labour and Human Resource (MOLHR).

“I have started my business with the help from my relatives. I could not get loan because the loan was stopped. So youth should turn their passion in to profession.” Karma added.

“Finding a government job is very difficult these days. Self employment is the best way to generate employment for the young people who are unemployed. If young people like us want to be somebody, be an entrepreneur,” he added.

Managing director of the Ezee Billers Dhan Badhur Ghalley said, “There are plenty of jobs in the private sector. If we work in small private company, we will gain experience, these days experience is required for all the jobs.”

Ezzee Billers collects insurance payment and premium collection for the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan (RICB). They have one thousand clients at the moment. The charge for their service is equal to the city bus charge. For example, the company charges Nu 8 per bill in main town area and for Kabesa area they charge Nu 36 per bill.

The bill collectors are provided with a bicycle each for transport, so as to reduce the pollution level. Ezzee Billers was started on March 2013. Karma Chophel graduated from Tamil Nadu in 2009, and before starting his business, he worked in call centre in India. Dhan Badhur Ghalley graduated from the Gaeddu College of Business Studies in 2012. The 7 other employees in the company are graduates as well.

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