BKP announces its candidate in Punakha

BKP's candidate Phuntsho Namgay
BKP’s candidate Phuntsho Namgay

With one more candidate from Lingmukha – Toedwang constituency, Punakha Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP) now has 45 candidates.

Phuntsho Namgay, 48 who headed the Royal Institute of Management (RIM), Semtokha in numerous positions who  also worked as a consultant is the latest BKP edition.

He has masters in Development Management from Asian Institute of Management from Philippines and Bachelors of Arts from Sherubtse College, Trashigang.

He joined politics with one reason and only one reason which he summed up in the following words – “I thought I may probably be in better position to serve the people in a better way.” A subtly-hinted inclination that politics was an undeniable calling to employ.

He said “Even while I was serving in government, I have been working in the gewog level, trying to build capacity of Local Government and that’s when I thought I may be in a better position to serve in a better way and joined politics.”

One reason why he chose BKP of all the parties is explained as follows.

“There were basically few things that struck me, the name itself ‘Kuen-Nyam’ which means everyone is equal, no differences between rich or poor, high or low rather everyone is equal and sacrifice is what party is willing to make in terms of remunerations, certain amount of remuneration for the good of society.”

“Being a BKP member given the mandate to forgo personal benefits for the larger society, and BKP will never mind in making personal sacrifices for the society,” he added.

He has worked with RIM in various posts and he was head under various departments as well.  In 1990 he was Assistant Registrar and later he worked as Senior Lecturer of Centre for Policy Support from 2000 to 2001. He was a head of Centre for Local Governance in 2003 and in 2005 he was head of Department of Management Development.

Phuntsho Namgay has also undertaken numerous research works starting from “Development Strategy for the Decentralization Support Program Institute of Management” in the year 2000 and followed it with many research works up and until 2005.


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