BKP silent, but alive for 2018 elections


The Bhutan Kuen-Nyam party (BKP) may not have made it to the primary round of elections, but it is still no less, a bonafide political party of Bhutan, and therefore, will remain engaged with its own planned activities.

In a press conference with local journalists yesterday, BKP president Sonam Tobgay and the general secretary Karma Jurmey announced the party’s plans to stay in focus within the political sphere during the five years before the third round of National Assembly (NA) elections in 2018.

The BKP said the team is intact and committed to remain a party and continue to pursue the set ideals with its aims and objectives as an entity. The party said it will contribute in small ways to support whichever ruling government and the opposition, in order to ensure the democratization process.

BKP plans on contributing to the nation in small ways, through social works, blood donation, and seminars. The party president and general secretary are also contemplating on publishing a newsletter every two months to convey their messages to the people.

“When the election process is complete, and once the new government comes to power, we will be visiting all the 20 dzongkhags with prior permission from Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) to explain to the people why BKP didn’t qualify for the primary round of elections,” BKP president Sonam Tobgay said.

“There will be a party convention at least once in a year to club the candidates and the members,” he added.

As of now two candidates of BKP have deregistered from the party, to seek employment and for personal reasons as well.

Regarding funds, the BKP general secretary said, “The party manages funds from the membership fees and voluntary contribution from candidates according to ECB norms.”


Tshering Dorji 

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  1. Awesome BKP.  Please keep up your moral high.  You will be rewarded in 2018.  We really appreciate your principle and morals unlike DNT who is behaving so cheap.  The worse is President and Vice President joining other party.  hahahahahah what a joke.. I really regret for supporting DNT..

  2. PDP but now DPT

    All the best! work hard and get good 47 in 2018! We will be right there for your support! 

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