BKP will strive hard for 2018

Bhutan Kuen-Nyam party (BKP) stands its ground to remain as an active, strong, and responsible political party despite being disqualified from contesting the primary round since it did not have candidates from Gasa. The party will strongly pursue its aims and objectives, and plans to work hard, guided by its ideals for the third National Assembly elections in 2018.

“BKP will remain to be active and we will support the ruling Government as well as support the Opposition party to ensure that people’s needs are kept in line with the principle of governance. We will be visiting all the 20 dzongkhags before the onset of the winter to explain to the supporters of BKP, the disqualification process and also to assure the BKP’s supporter,” BKP president Sonam Tobgay said.

He also acknowledged the tremendous support and goodwill shown towards the party by supporters, and assured to regroup as a political party to be able to serve their respective constituencies in next elections, five years from now. “BKP will engage in policy dialogue organization, workshops and seminars furthering in the improvement of the democratization process with particular references to election,” the president said.

He added that BKP still has 42 active candidates intact for the 2018 elections. Three candidates have deregistered from the party.

The remaining 42 active candidates of BKP are currently engaged in their own works. While some are continuing with their businesses, a few are with international agencies, and some are in their respective constituencies.

BKP vowed not to remain silent and shall contribute in small ways through social works and seminars among others.

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