Karma Yonten, Head of Office of Performance Management

Black, Red, Yellow and Green Zones explained

Karma Yonten, Head of Office of Performance management under His Majesty’s Secretariat, said the country is divided into four zones according to the extent of spread of the virus.

 “When the first case is detected in a dzongkhag, the dzongkhag is declared as a black zone and blackout is declared immediately in order to assess the situation.”

After the assessment during the blackout period, the dzongkhag transitions into red or yellow or green zone depending on the extent of the virus spread.

In red zones, the number of positive cases is very high with high number of primary contacts and community cases. All movements are restricted within that zone only (with the need to carry movement pass) and if a person to travel, they will have to obtain negative test results and be quarantined.

Yellow zones are comparatively safer than red zones and its travel restrictions are not as tight as in the red zone. They can travel within their own mega zones. To travel to other places, people in yellow zone need only produce negative antigen test results.

In areas where there is not a single positive case detected from primary contacts, the zone is a green zone.  

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