Black topping of Gewog roads will begin from next month

MP of Khar-Yurung Constituency, Zangley Dukpa questioned Minister for Ministry of Work and Human settlement (MoWHS) Lyonpo Dorji Choden regarding the government pledge of connecting every gewog center by black-topped motor roads in order to empower the local gewogs. He said the opposition would like to know the status of the plan including the implementation schedule, budget implication and the criteria for prioritization of the roads for the 205 gewogs.

He shared that government has made the pledge and this pledge should be fulfilled and the black topping of the road is a priority.

Lyonpo Dorji Choden said black topping and improvement of gewog roads which was pledged by government was discussed in the cabinet and the MoWHS is prepared to work on it.

“When ministry went through the list of 205 gewog’s, 190 gewogs has access to the road and in 11 gewogs road construction is under process and in four gewogs road need to be constructed but it is not in the plan,” she said.

She said, “There are total of 2023 km of gewog roads and all roads does not necessarily need to be black-topped as most of the gewogs roads are connected to the high way. That is why only 1700 km of gewog roads needs to be black-topped. “

She said that some of the roads were small and needed to be widened and in some the sub base are not good so the sub base needed to be made stronger and in some roads, there are no drains and so the drain needs to be constructed.

She said that apart from black topping of the gewog a road, many other road improvements works had to be done. She said the MoWHS has eight DoR field divisions in the country and the ministry ordered them to start the work in their locality and a letter has also been sent to them.

She assured that the renovation work will begin very soon and the budget has been provided by the Government of India (GoI) under Small Development Project (SDP) fund. The ministry has received a list of 19 gewogs to black top in the first phase and the work will begin in June.

She said when it comes to the implementation of the plan and priority, if there are ways to work on it immediately than her ministry was ready to work on it by tomorrow itself in the 205 gewogs. Lyonpo said the government’s aim is to start the work as soon as possible but she said they should know the situation and whether it is a priority or not it as highlighted in the question. She added that it is important to draw up a priority list.

Lyonpo concluded by saying that first priority of construction of roads will be given to the places where it is important and the work will be completed within one or two years as planned.

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