BNB, PCAL, T-Bank and BFAL declare dividends

According to Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Limited (RSEBL), Bhutan National Bank (BNB), Penden Cement Authority Limited (PCAL), T-Bank and Bhutan Ferro Alloys Limited (BFAL) has all declared dividends for the shareholders.

Dividends in simpler terms means a sum of money paid regularly (typically annually) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits or reserves.

Currently, financial institutions BNB and T-Bank has declared its dividends. For the past few years, RMA had halted the financial institutions from giving dividends to the shareholders.

Last year, despite the financial institutions making profits, Royal Monetary Authority had instructed the financial institutions to not declare dividends so as to keep their profits as reserve to be used for operation should the institutions face any unexpected troubles.

In about almost three years, financial institutions have declared dividends to its shareholder.  BNB has declared a dividend of 13.8% and bonus issue at the ratio of 1:4 (1 bonus share for every 4 shares held). The corporate action was endorsed and was approved by the regulatory authority.

T-Bank has declared a dividend of 9% and bonus share in the ratio of 1:10 (1 share for every 10 shares held).

PCAL has declared bonus issue at the ratio of 1:10 (1 bonus for every 10 shares held) and BFAL has declared a 350% dividend to the shareholders.

The dividends were widely welcomed by shareholders.

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