BoBL connects final dots, services go nationwide

With the Bank of Bhutan Limited’s (BoBL) latest branch opening, people of Gasa can now forgo the downhill travel to Punakha to avail banking services.

With this the BoB has reached services to every Dzongkhag.  For added convenience, an ATM machine has also been installed.

Chief executive officer Passang Tshering said “The presence of BoBL in all Dzongkhags is in line with our commitment to support the overall socioeconomic development of the country in general and of each Dzongkhag in particular. In line with the financial inclusion policy and the economic development policy, we will continue to take banking closer to communities despite prohibitive costs of expanding infrastructure and operational costs.”

With the branch at Gasa, BoBL has a network of 28 branches, 12 extension counters and 47 ATMs across the country.

Within an hour of the inauguration 13 new accounts were opened in the branch by the locals and officials, while the number of new accounts is increasing by the day.

The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) Governor Daw Tenzin inaugurated the branch in the presence of BoBL chairman Dasho Karma W. Penjor, Board of Directors, Gasa Dzongda, Lam Neten and the Dzongkhag business community.

The RMA Governor also inaugurated Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited’s (RICBL) Gasa branch on the same day.

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  1. That is great news. Finally one bank has taken it’s social mandate seriously. I congratulate BoB for it’s fine initiative and look forward to more improvements in the future.
    I hear that the RMA has come out with it’s branch less banking policy. This would further help our citizens in the rural parts of Bhutan while still being economically feasible for the banks.

    Financial inclusion in the villages is still a big gap that needs to be addressed. I believe the banks should work with other social organizations to take such facilities to our villages. The Bhutan Post maybe a strong contender in this field considering they have post offices everywhere.

    And I believe micro credit using technology is very lucrative for banks too. Food for thought for the banks.

  2. I congratulate BoB the oldest bank in the country for opening it’s branch in Gasa and hope to see more such initiative in future also. I humble request in behalf of the people of Lhamoizingkha (khalikhola) under Dagana Dzongkhag to kindly consider opening branch in Lhamoizingkha which will benefits lots of our villagers too.

  3. Thanks to the DPT govt. We never thought Gasa to have a BoB branch.! Three CHEERS to DPT and Prime Minister. Hip Hip Huray 1000000000000000000000000!

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