Body missing in accident case

The body of a 27 year old man from Gelephu is still missing after a Tripper truck he was driving went off the road in Damchu.

The incident took place at 37 km away from Tshimasham while heading towards Thimphu on 8th May at around 11:20 to 11:35 AM. The deceased was a supervisor in a Quarry Company in Damchu.

The deceased took the key of the tripper truck, which was parked and drove the truck himself after which the incident took place. The truck veered off the road about 350 below the road. The truck first landed in riverbank and then went into the river.

Police said that, the river was swollen and the truck was submerged in the river when they reached the scene. They could recover the truck only after two days. On the first day they could pull out the head of the truck while on second day they could recover the body of the truck.

A actual driver of the truck reported the incident to the police. It is said that, immediately after hearing a noise of veering of the truck, the driver along with his friend went to the scene and upon searching the cabin, found that the deceased was not there.

The accident took place just 300 to 400 meters away from the place where the truck was parked earlier. The deceased was driving without a driving license.

The rescue team comprising of DeSuups, police official, local people, the deceased’s family and work mates are still searching for the body.

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