Born between two schools of Buddhism

Buddhism as a religion gets challenging and even confusing when a child is born to a mother who follows Drukpa Kargyu while the father is a born Nyingma. And it gets chaotic when the father is a sort after master of the school which contradicts the mother’s. Well, Lord Buddha certainly didn’t guide anybody to split religion into sections. But in the bigger picture, one can’t deny the fact of having the benefits of both, how much ever the cost is. But then again, what if one day the child does a blood check to differentiate the schools in his parental history; this glorious stupidity can cause commotions.

People do think everyone has the caliber to undermine the very basis of one’s own gene given the complexity of science involved; this is the thin line which separates millions.

When the mind meets the soul we expect sacredness but when two people belonging to two different religious sects get together , do we get a saint? Well, this certainly does not apply to all people living in the same house in different rooms. If these two things can be different, then how different can people following a similar religion get?

If we go towards the east of Bhutan where the  Nyingma lineages dominate and see towards the west where Drukpa Kargyu flourishes  there are differences but when we come to think of it there is none at all.  The geographical location does not count much, too, if truth be said.

There are other schools too in Buddhism but with regard to the situation in Bhutan it seems we are alienated from the rest. I myself was born a Kargyup but a part of my blood is Nyingma and I always feel I belong, to both.

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