Both Chhoekhor-Tang candidates have a plethora of pledges

Dawa, representing Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and Tenzin Norbu representing Druk Phuensum Tshogpa have made a common pledge in enhancing road connectivity in the constituency.

Dawa made pledges in various sector but in the area of roads, he pledged to blacktop the 18 km Chhoekhor-Toed Gewog center to Narphel road, 12 km Upper Tang gewog center to Tandi gewog road and the 10 km Dhur road. He has also pledged to construct roads to Thawa Drak, Kunzang Drak monastery, Dorji-tse monastery and widen the Nangkar-Chamkhar highway.

He pledged to base-course various farm roads and erect a telecom tower at Chhoekhor-Toed to benefit highlanders and yak herders.

In the health sector, his pledge is to provide a surgeon, a medical specialist and a gynecologist along with endoscopy services. He said there will be an expansion of the market for Bumthang’s crops and cereals by introducing puta and khuley in school feeding programs and promoting the same in other districts.

Dawa wants to promote domestic tourism in the context of the pandemic through various infrastructure developments, including a ring-road from the domestic airport.

The other pledges he has are to establish the long-awaited trade office, resolve Chamkhar township issue (land-pooling), issues of water supply including drinking water and build a drainage and sewerage system from Wangdichholing.

“My pledges are important and as implementable,” Dawa added.

Meanwhile, as per the pledges shared on DPT’s official facebook page, Tenzin Norbu has pledges to promote Bumthang as a tourism hub by promoting farm houses and integrated community-based tourism and by promoting cultural sites. He also has pledged to improve the all weather road connectivity and ensure completion of GSB at Chhoekhor-Toed farm road.

In the agriculture sector, he has pledged to enhance food self-sufficiency, employment and income. Promoting farmers and youth’s cooperatives, improving irrigation scheme for promotion of rice, accelerating farm mechanization and replicating the WOW farming model in other areas are added pledges in agriculture.

Promoting Bumthang as model Throm are one among the pledges where it would develop as –a safe, secure and climate-resilient throm and he would support implementation of Local Area Plans.

He also has pledged to promote wood and agro-based cottage industries, promote weaving and other traditional arts and crafts and facilitate branding and marketing of local products. For a better future for children, youth and women, he pledged to support establishment of ECCDs and initiate skills training for women and youth.

He would support and complement health services while in culture heritage sector, he would work on preservation and conservation of heritage sites, support and renovate Wangdichholing Palace and support renovation of community Lhakhangs.   

Tenzin Norbu said, “If I get elected I will serve my people to my best and continue doing what the former Opposition Leader Dr Pema Gyamtsho has been doing.”

The poll day for Chhoekhor-Tang by-election will be on 19 November 2020.

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