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Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) make it to the final round of General Election. DPT got the maximum votes at 93,547 votes followed by PDP at 68,546 votes. Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa came third getting 36,055 votes while Druk Chirwang Tshogpa came fourth getting 12,456 votes.

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  1. Druk Chirwang Tshogpa couldn’t able to secure 10% of total votes 2,10,835.

    • i think they should take politics seriously next time.Its is not like gambling.Bhutanese voters are compassionate but they are also intelligent. No sane man will make for any tom ,dick ,harry to lead them.DCT,DNT and BKP should sit together and form ONE strong party.If you stick to the same stuff,history will repeat of luck

  2. The result came as very much expected. PDP however did much better this time and we are glad. Now, PDP can give tougher competition in the General Round as many voters who voted for DNT and DCT might vote for PDP for a change. 

    Wish PDP all the best. 

  3. I thought DPT and BNT would make it to the general election but PDP did it.Surprised!I would definitely say that this time PDP made it because of OL’s factor.Anyway the general election result will surprise us all again.Tashi delek to all who participated and gave us choices in this election

    • DNT sounded all promising in the beginning but as time went by people realized they were not as strong as they seemed. Especially during the BBS forums, PDP candidates overall showed better promise.
      On my part, I voted for PDP. My choice was either PDP or DNT. Call me petty and small minded, but OL’s act of returning his prado alone, made me vote for PDP. In my opinion a great sacrifice like that should not go unrewarded. Also, the OL seem to be the kind of person who is more approachable, seemed to listen to people, take criticisms and praises properly, and its apparent he takes the law of the land very seriously. Good luck with the general elections!

      • Yes i regretted not voting for OL but its good they made it through. if PDP and DNT formed a party together, it could have performed better.My only fair is that in the general election people will vote for candidates and to be honest many PDP candidates are not as capable as DNTs.But lets wait and see.As a civil servant,the 20% housing allowance is attractive and if PDP can convince us when those raise will come into effect immediately,i would convert all my existing crane supporters in my family and work place into horses!Mark my word OL!

        • and the blunder DNT did this time was they did not promise anything.Simply classifying everything as thobthang and making general statement about party and its principle just backfired.people took it as hawa pani!

        • If you vote to a party who will not be selected your vote has no meaning, leave alone satisfaction you will feel guilty for next five years. Likewise if u vote to a member in ur constituency who gets terminated, again you will rgret plus will be guilty for next five years since if you have to(just situation only) get done some personal work from the guy who won the election without your vote. This will haunt you.

  4. Many people say in social media that eastern and central Bhutan voted for DPT because they ignorant of corruption and they don’t want change. But in my opinion, I don believe that eastern people were ignorant including Gyelposhing people. They weighed pros and cons and voted for DPT while many also voted for DNT and PDP.
    Eastern and Central Bhutan wanted change in their lives. Thats why they voted for DPT. For many decades, they waited for electricity, tape water and road. In Kengkhar, 30 years old man says, there was rough survey beneath his field of the coming road. For more than twenty years, he waited. His mother had never seen the vehicles, his mother saw that vehicle in last five years. In Pemagatshel, 70 years old mother said she wanted to see glittering light and cook food in machine before she dies, she got dying wish three years ago. In another village, they used to carry water from miles away in bamboo tube(later jerry can), now it is only three minutes away. In another village, people has to wait for months to cut a tree for roofing, now they don’t have to anymore.
    In western Bhutan, most regions have luxury of life compared to eastern Bhutan.They didn’t get direct impact of planned development. So they focused on corruption happened much earlier because they have luxury of life to focus on this.
    South has developed and underdeveloped people in equal proportion. The votes are divided.
    In the end, the definition of change in the west and east Bhutan differs. East thought upcoming development as change while west wanted changed based on education offered by media especially education on corruption.

    Going deep down, Chang Ugyen and Gyelposhing had happended before this system. The guilty has been punished. Also corruption happened more at bureaucratic level than political level. But I am not saying corruption doesn’t happen at political level. I am just saying scale of corruption is less. Bureaucrats protected by RCSC can afford to be inefficient, ineffective and lethargic. They are not accountable directly to people. For instance which civil servants high or low didn’t make table tours.

    In the end, western Bhutan wanted change

  5. My and my family’s vote went in vain as we voted DNT. DNT did not make any promise that was one drawback. whether they can do or cannot do, promises have to be made. Without any promise on the agenda, who the hell was going to vote the party. I had been foolish enough to vote for the party. Even the party president was not effective compared to other party presidents. All sections of the people ( farmers, civil servants, business people, armed forces, even monks have to be taken care while on campaign. who would not like to be given.

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