DNT President Dr Lotay Tshering

Breaking News: DNT wins 30 seats to form the government

DPT wins 17 and will form the Opposition party

 The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) won 30 seats in the National Assembly general elections and will now form a new government.

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) won 17 seats and will sit in the Opposition.

The voter turnout was 71.61 percent which is higher than the 66.36 percent voter turnout of the primary round and also higher than the 66.1 percent voter turnout of the 2013 general election.

Of the total registered 438,663 voters 314,133 voted. Of the voters the female voters were 159,852 and the male voters were 154,281.

Of the total 314,113 voters the postal voters comprised 114,802 voters.

The victory of the DNT showed that the 2018 elections was primarily a vote for change.

It also showed that a clear majority of PDP voters, BKP voters and those who came out to vote in the general round preferred DNT.

The Bhutanese Newspaper had predicted after the primary round that if the majority of PDP voters go with DNT then DNT stood to not only win the 2018 elections but also win it with upto 35 seats.

This is what seems to have happened with a clear majority of PDP and BKP voters going for DNT.

In a positive development there were seven women MPs who got elected making it the highest number ever. The five MPs are from DNT while two MPs are from DPT.

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