Breaking: Record spike in Corona deaths and infections on Wednesday in China

In the biggest increase in the number of Corona cases China reported an increase of 15,104 new cases and 252 deaths on Wednesday 12th February evening by 5 pm.

The vast majority of the new cases came from the Corona epicenter in the Hubei Province with 14,840 new cases there and 242 deaths from there.

The big increase was primarily on account of a  new adoption of clinical diagnosis classification of Corona cases and deaths in Hubei. So, of the 14,840 new cases from Hubei, 13,332 got added due to the new classification while 1,508 are new cases. Of the 242 new deaths 135 are due to clinically diagnosed cases which means 107 new deaths.

This means China now has a total of 59,757 cases and 1,365 deaths.

By comparison China had reported reported a total of  44,540 confirmed cases and 1,113 people dead the day before on Tuesday 11th February

Outside mainland China there are 523 cases with 2 deaths in 25 other countries and 2 Chinese territories with the second highest cases being in Japan with 200 cases including a cruise ship docked on its shore.

Globally there are 60,280 cases with 1,367 deaths.

Of this, 7,730 cases have had a definitive result either way with 5,963 (81%) having recovered while 1,367 (19%) having died.

Of the currently infected 52,950 cases 44,707 (84%) are in a mild state while 8,243 (16%) are in a serious or critical state.

The Bhutanese sourced information for this article from China’s Health Commission and some sites tracking the COVID-19 virus like

Image courtesy from Reuters.

Correction: The original story mentioned Tuesday 12th February which is actually Wednesday 12th February.

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