Bridging the urban-rural divide: Thimphu’s aspiring candidates outline vision for progress

Tshewang Rinzin, the PDP candidate representing South Thimphu, emphasized on the need for Thimphu to be not just a beacon of excellence in infrastructure and services, but a model of balanced development that extends beyond the city center.

He envisions a Thimphu where the benefits of progress reach every corner of the community, bridging the gap between urban and rural areas.

“The challenge lies in harmonizing these diverse needs, creating a balanced ecosystem where progress is all-encompassing and sustainable for generations to come,” he said.

Drawing on his experience as the former Dzongda of Thimphu and National Council MP, he highlighted the importance of practical understanding gained in policymaking and implementation.

He said that his commitment is rooted in humbly representing the aspirations of the people and diligently working towards a ‘Better Thimphu’ and a “Better Druk Yul’.

As for the BTP candidate from South Thimphu, Tandin Tshering, pointed out the pressing issues confronting both urban and rural communities in his constituency. He highlighted the shortage of water as a critical challenge impacting not only basic necessities, but also health, sanitation, and overall well-being.

“The economic strain faced by the community, such as high inflation and growing urban poverty, are contributors to increased socio-economic disparities. My extensive background in civil service and Thimphu upbringing equips me with a deep understanding of these challenges,” he said.

“Having personally confronted many of these issues, I am well-equipped to address them effectively,” he added.

He believes that his result-driven, open-minded, and adaptive approach, coupled with a passion for impactful reforms, positions him to contribute significantly to positive changes in his constituency.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate from North Thimphu, Tshering, acknowledges the significant challenge of balancing growth between rural and urban areas. He emphasized on the importance of a comprehensive development that respects cultural roots while ensuring every corner of the community experiences progress.

“Preserving our heritage while embracing modernity is a delicate balance that requires smart planning and a deep understanding of our community’s values. My dedication stems from years of dedicated service and experience as a Member of Parliament, giving me insight into the aspirations and concerns of the constituents,” he said.

He aims to serve humbly, listening closely to the voices of the community and working earnestly towards addressing their needs and aspirations.

Sonam M Penjor, Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) candidate in North Thimphu, underscored the need for robust support for the business sector, enhanced employment opportunities for the youth, and a stronger focus on sports and skills development.

He said, “The lack of support for the business community is a significant challenge, coupled with severe unemployment issues for the youth.”

He said, “I understand the challenges and struggles of the business community. Since the time of my grandfather, both my parents have worked tirelessly in the business sector for decades,” he said.

He stressed, “The issue at hand is the economic revival of the country, and coming from a business family that has worked for decades in the sector, I feel I will fully listen, understand, and represent the people of North Thimphu’s struggling entrepreneurs, businesses, and the underprivileged.”

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