Brother in court for sexually harassing sister

The tragic story of a 17-year old girl when it unfolded not only shocked family members of the victim but also police officials to whom she narrated a account of how her very own brother tried to sexually molest her.

Unable to bear his sexual advances, the 17-year old girl without options sought the help of police and filed a complaint against her 23-year old brother to the Lhamoizingkha police station on 10 December.

The suspect wrote several love letters to the victim (his sister), expressing his love and how he felt for her.

The content of the letter were so vulgar that one would give a second thought if the letters were really written by the suspect to his own younger sister, said a source.

One time the suspect had asked the victim if she had any boyfriends and for testimony she was taken to one of the Mandirs (temple) to prove what she was saying was true.

Unable to bear the harassments, the victim informed her parents. The case then reached the tshogpa of their village and eventually the suspect was asked to sign an agreement stating that he won’t repeat such acts again.

The suspect stopped harassing his sister for few days, and everything was normal but on the evening of 9 December, the suspect tried to sexually molest her while they were returning home from their elder sister’s home.

After fighting back, the victim managed to escape from the scene and informed her elder sister.

The matter was then immediately reported to the police. After few days of search, the suspect was caught on 18 December.

During the course of investigation, the suspect told police that he was just checking her character and his intention was not to do any sort of harm against her.

The suspect who was also sent to hospital for a check up was found to be mentally stable.

The case was sent to the Lhamoizingkha dungkhag court for further proceedings on December 21 by the police.

The victim, a class VIII student, studying in Lhamoizingkha Middle Secondary School (MSS), Dagana is from Lungkhorji village of Dagana.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu


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