BTP says it secured all 47 candidates including incumbent and former MPs

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) has declared 31 candidates including two women candidates so far. However, BTP has secured all 47 candidates. The party has three candidates who have served as Members of Parliament in the past and they are expecting three more to join them.

In addition, BTP has three candidates who participated in the NC elections, and there are three incumbents. However, it was learnt that the party had reached out to the candidates prior to the NC campaign and had encouraged them to withdraw from the race to join BTP.

According to BTP, the party has not been able to cover much ground as their familiarization tour had to be paused due to the NC Elections.

The Party spokesperson said, “People who are aware about the BTP’s existence seems to be fond of the party and many supporters have been coming forward, pledging their support. We are excited to resume our familiarization tour and connect with as many voters as possible, and hear from them.”

The Party further shared that as a new party-political party, BTP encountered numerous challenges, ranging from organizing their internal operations to refining their overall strategy. However, the challenges are being overcome with the support from the candidates, coordinators and supporters.

BTP devoted most of their time, energy and resources in organizing themselves to be the best choice for the people in preparation of the forthcoming National Assembly Elections.

“We are also happy to report that our first draft of the manifesto is ready. Now that we have a fully functional set up and a dynamic team, we are shifting our focus on the field, and we are eager to make the most of our familiarization tour to all 205 gewogs,” the party added.

While BTP does not have a specific political or campaign strategy, the party plans to capitalize on their familiarization tour to introduce their party, its ideology, and their diverse set of dynamic candidates.

“Everything is new about our party including its leadership and candidates. Our president Dasho Pema Chewang is known to be a man of few words but with a proven record of being a doer in every organization he has served. He has a practical understanding of the people’s issues on the ground and the attributes of a servant leader to listen and be responsive to people’s voice,” BTP said.

The party is confident that it has the right mix of candidates with different professional background and diverse experiences and their efforts will be geared towards providing clean and responsive governance.

As for the expectations, BTP shared that their hopes are high that people will decide wisely, and further added, “Ultimately, the decision is in the hands of the people, and we trust that people have matured over the years and they will make an informed choice based on what they believe is best for the nation.”

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