Budget and works on for Dzongkhag Thromdes

The estimated budget and the progress of developing all 16 remaining Thromdes was brought up by the Member of Parliament of Dramitse-Ngatsang constituency. Addressing this query, the works and human settlement Minister Lyonpo Dorji Choden said that all the plans for the Thromde are undergoing in full swing. The Dzongkhag Thromdes were recently declared in addition to the four major Thromdes in existence.
There will be 20 Thromdes for all 20 dzongkhags but since the remaining 16 were recently declared, the progress and administration is monitored by each municipal section in each dzongkhags and still are under initial phases of development. The Thromdes will be near the Dzongkhag offices of the particular Dzongkhag.
20 Yenlag Thromdes are also under development planning out of which, planning for 10 Yenlag Thromde is complete and the rest is on the table.
With the planning and policy in place, the budget allocated in the 11th five year plan is Nu. 2 billion for the developmental works of the Dzongkhag Thromdes. Currently the works are being carried out in accordance with the budget.
From the 16 developing Thromdes, 3 of them are lacking behind. According to the Minister’s statement, the 3 Dzongkhags are Pemagatshel, Bumthang and Gasa. “Pemagatshel has its Dzong under construction which is delaying the work. Bumthang town is still rejuvenating after the town had a major fire incident and for Gasa, thromde planning was just recent.” Said Lyonpo Dorji Choden.
As discussed in the midterm review in addition to the capital budget, the government has allocated Nu. 130 million for immediate and basic requirements of the Thromdes once it is established. Out of Nu. 130 million, Nu. 80 million will be allocated for the 16 new Dzongkhag Thromdes while the remaining Nu. 50 million will be allocated for 10 Yenlag Thromdes which are currently without development plans.

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