Bull rescued by P/ling Taxi community makes it to tshedhar

Abandoned bull sent for tshedhar

A bull which resided in Phuentsholing town in the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) complex for more than two years will be sent for tshedhar to Thimphu by the taxi drivers of Phuentsholing.

A committee was formed by the taxi drivers and the local people of Phuentsholing to send the bull for the tshedhar and they even contributed jointly the sum of Nu 24,000.

All of a sudden Mr. Govind Limbu of Phuentsholing (Kabreytar) of Damdara announced himself as an owner of the bull and sold it to a muslim man Mr. Atijual of Guabari (Macheybastey) under Jaigaon district for Nu 17,000.

Mr. Wangchuk, the Assistant manager of FCB (Food Corporation of Bhutan) saw the Muslim man taking the bull with him to the border areas and stopped him immediately.

He said “I have been seeing this particular bull here in the town for so many years and suddenly a man is taking him along to the border area to slaughter it, so I could not resist and called the taxi drivers”.

Presently the bull is under the care of the Phuentsholing BAFRA under ministry of agriculture.

Mr. Pendenla, Quarantine Inspector said “we are looking forward to send the bull to Thimphu but with the Foot and mouth diseases (FMD) outbreak near the Amo chhu it will be kept here until the disease is controlled”.

A taxi driver Thinley said that it is sad to see Bhutanese people doing all this things for the money not caring about the sinful activities.

“But now we are happy to see the bull is taken care of,” he said.

Mr. Kinzang said that it is good that the bull will be taken to tshedhar and we look forward to donate money for the tshedhar.

Presently, the bull is kept in the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) compound and a herder is paid Nu 300 per day to look after the bull.

Sonam Wangmo/Phuentsholing

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  1. Though trival it sounds, I salute the great work of the couragous officer for the rescue work. Your action of this deed would definitely be rewarded when you reach your destinyback home from where you decended. You saved a ‘nandi’ a dear one of Lord Shiva.A account of good deed is criedited in your name already.

    And for nonbelievers, you showed a seed for the cause of animal rights, what a great way to be part of the poor dump mouth who could not raise a alarm at the intention of the slaughter, Champion up the good cause fo animal rights and a voice for the dump and the downtrodden. Keep up the good spirit mate!

  2. Salute to the caring people!

    One bull saved made it to the story…thousands slaughtered remain unherd of!

  3. Saving a bull by buying is not a solution overall. I think they should lobby policymakers and sensitize our so called religious people on sign of killing….

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