Bumthang NC elect wants to curb Australia rush through jobs

Of the two candidates, Kencho Tshering, 40 years old, from Chokhor gewog, Bumthang won the election with 4,381 votes (1,145 PB and 3,236 EVM). He obtained the highest number of votes from both PB and EVM compare to his opponent.

Kencho Tshering pledged to enact good laws for the country’s independence and sovereignty.

He also shared his concern over the Australia rush among the Bhutanese, so, he therefore promises to create more employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, Kencho Tshering worked as an Administration Officer with the Department of Local Government. He also contested the NC elections in 2018.

He has studied Bachelor’s degree in commerce and an advanced diploma in Eco-tourism management. He has a Master in Business Administration International from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

“After winning the elections I feel more responsible to serve my King, people and the country. I feel I won because people know me better this time as I contested in the previous election. My plan is to work closely with the community and make people participate in decision making at the ground level and I intend to fulfil the pledges which I promised during my campaign period,” said Kencho Tshering.

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