Bumthang’s agricultural issues

Chhoekhor Tang constituency has Kuenzang Thinley from PDP and Pema Norbu from BTP. Chumey Ura constituency has Tshering Lhadon from BTP and Sonam Rinchen from PDP.

Sonam Rinchen highlighted that losing crops to wild animals is the biggest issues faced by people in his constituency. The only way to address this problem, he said, is by installing chain link fencing as it is the most ideal solution to deter wild animals.

He shared that he has more than 34 years of experience in the civil service, and people from his constituency trust him as the ideal candidate to serve them. He said his work experience in the youth and employment sector, and also working as a Dzongda has enabled him to attune to people’s needs, and he said this is a plus point for him to earn the people’s votes.

Tshering Lhadon shared that her constituency faces challenges in accessing markets and diversifying its economy beyond traditional agriculture and animal husbandry.

The constituency also lacks in adequate roads, bridges, and irrigation systems.

She shared that since BTP has a clear vision for Chumey Ura’s development, she said she has a deep understanding of Chumey Ura’s challenges and has a proven track record of working for the community, thus the people would vote for her.

PDP’s candidate, Kuenzang Thinley, shared that in his constituency, several crucial issues require attention, such as pressing need for accelerated development, access to better healthcare service, promoting tourism and creating better avenues for farmers.

He shared that the people of his constituency should consider voting for him because of his deep understanding of the issues afflicting every corner of the locality. His commitment to addressing these problems is rooted in his intimate knowledge of the community’s needs, and with the aim to implement effective solutions and drive positive change by leveraging this comprehensive understanding.

BTP’s candidate, Pema Norbu, shared that the main issues in his constituency are related to potato marketing, human wildlife conflict, poor road access to the villages, and no meals for day scholars at rural and urban areas.

He shared that people should vote for him since he has experience of serving 27 years in civil service under various sectors including as a teacher, principal, Dzongkhag Kidu Officer and education monitoring officer, he understands the situation of rural life and the current education challenges.

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