Bumthang’s aspiring NC candidates share their pledges

During the live public debate organized by the BBS, the two aspiring candidates for the National Council election 2023 from Bumthang shared their pledges.

Kencho Tshering, 40 years old, contesting from Chhokhor gewog, Bumthang has studied Bachelor’s degree in commerce and has an advanced diploma in Eco-tourism management. He has a Master in Business Administration International from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

He worked as an Administration Officer with the Department of Local Government. He also contested the NC elections in 2018.

Kencho Tshering shared his pledges to enact good laws for the country’s independence and sovereignty. Since people’s participation is a must, “I will consult with people to enact good laws,” said Kencho Tshering.

He also shared his concern over the Australia rush among the Bhutanese, so, therefore he promised to create more employment opportunities.

While Kunzang Dorji, 38 years old from Tang gewog has a Master’s degree in International Finance. He was in Sydney, Australia for almost 10 years and returned back to Bhutan to serve the country.

Kuenzang Dorji shared his pledges, firstly, as per the Constitution, is to fulfill His Majesty and people’s aspirations aligned to Dessups and the country’s independence.

Secondly, to maintain the sustainability of our tradition, equal distribution of the country’s wealth among all Bhutanese by reviewing the Mines and Minerals Act, and help in reviewing policies related to agriculture and livestock for farmers.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) declared April 20, 2023, as the National Council poll day for the Fourth Parliamentary Elections.

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