Bumthang’s third for the NC seat to review government actions without fear and favour

Karma Wangchuk, 41
Karma Wangchuk, 41

Karma Wangchuk from Gyamshong Village under Tang gewog, Bumthang will be the third National Council (NC) aspirant to declare his intentions for the upcoming elections.

The 41-year old Punjab University graduate of 1997 was running his own family business up till now.

Karma Wangchuk said “I am interested to serve as a bridge between the people and the government. In addition the legislative function of National Council has a very important responsibility as the house of review on governmental actions.”

Therefore he added that the independence of National Council means representing the interest of the Nation. “As an upper house member we would be in a position to raise the shortcomings of the government without any fear or favor,” he said.

His family and people in his constituency suggested that he  contest for the 2008 elections but he didn’t contest since he was not prepared though he was keen on doing it.

“The 2008 elections was held for the first time and I didn’t know how it will go and on top of that I was setting up my business then,” he added.

Karma believes that most of the time, good forward-looking policies and laws which are translated into implementing rules remained static.

He said Bhutan is still in its infancy when it comes to implementing democracy and enforcing rule of law and most of the time the Nation experienced bottlenecks. Therefore he urged that rule making authorities ‘needs to have of dynamism and improve the implemented rules’.

As an NC aspirant, Karma would support a policy that enables the creation of gainful employment for youth and improvement in policy and regulatory regime on foreign investments in the hospitality sector.

“Appropriate monetary policies must be in place to replace the current ad-hoc measures of the government to mitigate shortage of foreign currency,” he said. “Also the benefits from and access to natural resources including hydropower must be reviewed to check the growing income disparity.”

Asked about his chances of his winning, he said “I can only seek to be nominated and elected by the people through exercise of their franchise based on their best judgment about me as a potential candidate.”

If elected he would firstly explain the roles and responsibility of the NC.  This was because most of the people in his constituency have limited knowledge about it.

“I would regularly visit my constituency and discuss with the people about the various bills that will be discussed in Assembly session and also revisit the constituency and further discuss the endorsed bills,” he added.

Also, if elected he intends to serve as a member of the NC representing his constituency to the best of his capabilities keeping the interest of the Nation before self.

In addition he said any laws that are endorsed will be implemented at the grassroots level, therefore proper research shall be done.

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