Butter lamps and sapling plantation on Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen’s 30th Birth Anniversary

In the capital, the Prime Minister, Leytsho Lopen, Cabinet ministers, opposition leader and representatives from other agencies attended the ceremony at the Guru Lhakhang in Tashichhodzong early morning. They offered prayers and lit a thousand butter lamps, Karme tongchoe.

Greeting everyone on the auspicious day, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering also shared three programs of the government that emanated from Her Majesty’s passion and benevolence.

He announced the launch of the Gyaltsuen Jetsun Pema Mother and Child Hospital in Mongar, a command of His Majesty The King who gifted the zimchung (royal guesthouse) being used as COVID-19 hospital today.

“The noble initiative will save lives of mothers and children, particularly in the east, who suffer or lose lives while seeking timely medical intervention,” he said.

In keeping with Her Majesty’s aspirations, the government will also make available iCTG machine, a wireless technology to monitor health of the baby during pregnancy.

Seeing its benefits and efficacies, Her Majesty commanded the introduction of the machine that would have a huge impact on the health of our mothers and children.

Lyonchhen said if not for our women, children and those with disabilities, Her Majesty’s addresses would always be centered around the protection of our environment.

Under Her Majesty’s guidance, the government also launched Waste Management Flagship last year. A critical component of the flagship was to strategically manage infectious and hazardous waste through incineration.

As such, Lyonchhen said incineration of fitting capacities would be installed in districts, thromdes and gewogs.

Inspired by Her Majesty’s passion to preserve our natural heritage, prime minister, ministers, opposition leader and officials from cabinet proceeded to the south of Thimphu where they planted 30 saplings of various species.

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