CAB and Dantak sign MoU

The Construction Association Of Bhutan (CAB), under President Trashi Wangyal, in collaboration with officials from Project Dantak, led by Chief Engineer Brigadier Jaswinder Singh, recently conducted an impactful interaction session. The primary objective of this session was to encourage and foster increased participation of local Bhutanese firms and agencies in Dantak Contracts.

This groundbreaking initiative comes as a testament to the commitment of both CAB and Project Dantak to contribute significantly to the local economy by empowering local businesses and promoting their active involvement in major construction projects across the picturesque landscapes of Bhutan.

The past few months, witnessed a substantial rise in the allocation of contracts to local Bhutanese firms for crucial construction projects in the nation. This strategic decision not only bolsters the domestic economy but also emphasizes the shared spirit of Indo-Bhutan friendship said Dantak. The collaboration between CAB and Project Dantak stands as an embodiment of the enduring bond between the two nations, further strengthening bilateral relations.

Speaking at the interaction session, President Trashi Wangyal expressed his profound gratitude to Project Dantak for their commitment to nurturing local talent and businesses. He highlighted that this dynamic collaboration will have a far-reaching impact on the growth and development of Bhutan’s construction industry.

Chief Engineer Brigadier Jaswinder Singh echoed President Wangyal’s sentiments, emphasizing that local firms possess invaluable expertise and a deep understanding of the unique terrain and culture of Bhutan. Their participation in Dantak Contracts will not only elevate the quality of projects but also infuse a sense of national pride and ownership in these transformative endeavors.

Through this momentous initiative, CAB and Project Dantak are paving the way for a brighter future, wherein local businesses will flourish, job opportunities will multiply, and both countries’ bonds will continue to strengthen.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering local entrepreneurs and fostering Indo-Bhutan friendship through meaningful collaborations. Together, we envision a more prosperous and vibrant Bhutan, driven by the spirit of unity and progress,” said Dantak.  

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