Cabbies agree to new RSTA rule despite ‘lucky color’ worries

With the new Road Safety and Transport      Authority( RSTA) rule, all taxis in the country will be either red or white with a dash of yellow atop.  “When we have so many colors it becomes so colorful and it is difficult a layman to identify a taxi,” said Karma Pemba, Dy.Transport Officer of RSTA. Adding that the uniform color would good to look at and help people locate the taxis easily.

The noticification was issued through the media in the beginning of this year.

Even vehicle dealers were informed on the new rule. “The white color is applicable to all kham  (lucky sign)and people who do not match with red can always go for white,” said a cabbie. But some taxi operators said that the colors red and white are the least sold car colors.“However this decision was from the higher authorities,  we just follow instructions,” said another cabbie. The RSTA regional and base offices would not register any taxis which do not have the approved color. “I believe that we should buy cars according to our lucky sign and now we are restricted for a good cause, so I think we have to obey,” Tenzin, a taxi driver said. As of Dec 2011 RSTA have r

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