Cabinet approves BOIC establishment

The 16th cabinet meeting held earlier this week on December 4, at the Tashichhodzong approved the establishment of Business Opportunity and Information Centre (BOIC) in the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a time bound autonomous agency for implementation of the Revolving Fund created as part of Economic Stimulus Program.

The BOIC shall be governed by an Independent Board comprising members including the Joint Secretary, MoEA(Chairperson), Representative of MoF, MoAF and BCCI, Director, DoCSI, one member nominated by RMA, two independent financial/business experts and the CEO of BOIC as Member Secretary.

The Board will report and be accountable to the Economic Stimulus Plan (ESP) Task Force. The operational budget for BOIC shall be allocated from the Revolving Fund of ESP and will be provisioned for 10 years. The Board shall select, appoint and determine remuneration of the CEO of BOIC.

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